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Protex® 8216-2


2 mil polyester film. Self-wound, tinted light green*. Capable of withstanding outdoor exposure.

Application Surface:Metals, Plastics, Glass, Painted Surfaces




2 MIL (polyester)


Surface protection of metals. Especially well suited for polished aluminum. Performs well during stretch forming, drilling, routing and shearing operations. Protects through heat aging and degreasing through clean line or alodining process. Allows maximum abrasion resistance during in-house processing, storage and transportation. Used on aircraft skins in metal fabricating operations.

The chemical and heat resistance of the polyester film is one of the reasons why it is chosen over some other films available. The adhesive was designed to withstand the pressure and heat (Typical: 2 hours at 350°F. and 72 hours at 275°F., and autoclave pressure and heat, 2 hours at 350°F. with 35 PSI) with no residue or transfer of adhesive.

Protex® 8216-2 can remain on various metals during such operations as vapor degreasing and solvent cleaning with MEK, Trichloroethylene, Toluene, De-natured Alcohol and IPA, with no adverse effect to polyester film or adhesive.

Surface Sensitivity


Adhesion Level


Heat Tolerance

No heat applied, 100° – 150°, 150° – 300°, over 300°

Typical Properties – Backing

Thickness, mils 2
Elongation, % M.D. 106 min
Tensile strength, PSI/mil 30,000
Tear, grams/mils 15

Typical Properties – Adhesive

Acrylic latex
Adhesion to steel, oz/inch width 1-3 (-0.2/+0.6) (At time of manufacture)
PSTC-1 (Modified)

*Also available in clear, yellow and orange

Typical Properties – Liner


Standard Sizes Available

36″ x 100 yds, 48″ x 100 yds

Protex® 8216-2 – Product Information Sheet (PDF)

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