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Protex® 223-5


High tack 5 mil clear polyester film with high tensile, tear and impact strength. It is inert in water, moisture/ vapor resistant. Material is unaffected by oils, greases and volatile aromatics.

Application Surface

Composite Milling, Moisture Barrier




5 MIL (paper, polyester)


For protection against corrosion and as a moisture barrier for galley and lavatory areas of aircraft.

Provides excellent protection to aircraft windows during stripping operations. Exhibits good solvent resistance as well as excellent moisture/corrosion barrier properties.

Applied to fiber and aluminum honeycomb core material to hold core material on vacuum table during routing operations.

Liner allows the product to be die-cut if desired.

Surface Sensitivity


Adhesion Level


Heat Tolerance

No heat applied, 100° – 150°

Typical Properties – Backing

Thickness, mils 5
Elongation at break, % 60-110
Tensile strength, PSI/mil 30,000
Tear, grams/mils 15

Typical Properties – Adhesive

Base elastomer/resin
Adhesion to steel, lbs/inch width 10-13 (-1.5/+2.0) (At time of manufacture)
PSTC-1 (Modified)

Also available with a violet colored adhesive.

Typical Properties – Liner


Typical Properties – Storage

Shelf life is 1 year if stored in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Standard Sizes Available

48″ x 60 yds

Protex® 223-5 – Product Information Sheet (PDF)

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