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Protex® 8209L


3 mil white biaxially oriented polypropylene coated with an acrylic latex adhesive.

Heat Resistance (Excludes Acrylic/Plastics):
125-150° (F) 72 hours
200-250° (F) 2 hours

Test results showed that the adhesive created a residual layer on clear acrylic and other plastics when heated above ambient temperatures.




Protex 8209L will provide superior pressure sensitive protection as well as abrasion resistance on a large variety of surfaces while providing the flexibility to conform to complex curves.

Surface Sensitivity


Typical Properties – Backing

Basis Weight (gr. /24”) 3.4-3.6
Thickness (mils) 2.6-3.5
Elongation (% MD) 110

24” maximum width promotes optimum material handling conditions while minimizing waste.

Typical Properties – Adhesive

Base – Acrylic
Adhesion to Steel (oz. /in width) – 6-14 (-1/+2)
(At time of manufacture)
PSTC-1 modified
Silicone Free

Typical Properties – Liner


Typical Properties – Storage

Shelf life is 1 year if stored in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Standard Sizes Available

48” x 60 yards2
48″ x 100 yards
(2 Roll Minimum)


Product may be cut to 1” up to 24″

Protex® 8209L – Product Information Sheet (PDF)


Application Surface Metals
Application Surface Painted
Application Surface Plastics
Application Surface Glass
Adhesion Level Low
Thickness 3 MIL
Heat Tolerance Range No heat applied
Heat Tolerance Range 100° - 150° F
Heat Tolerance Range 150° - 300° F
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